Monday, February 19, 2007

Splitting Hairs

I've known for a long time that both of my grandmothers and my mother greyed early: meaning that they started to have grey hairs. Early is, of course, relative. When I say early, I mean in their early 20's. Shortly before my 21st birthday about a year ago, I pulled my hair back to wash my face. To my surprise among my dark brown hair, something stood in stark contrast. It was small, it was singular, it was white. My first white hair. I wasn't sure how to react to it. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a random blond hair that I find from time to time, so I pulled it out. Checked against the white porcelain sink, the hair was beyond a shadow of a doubt white.

I wasn't sure how to take it. It bothers me slightly, but not in the fact that it makes me old, I just don't know how to deal with my white hairs. Yes, I have found more. I do have about 5-10 white (not grey) hairs scattered about the top of my head. My hair is changing on me, and I'm not 100% sure that I want it to change. The white hairs give me conflicting emotions. I think it's rather neat to have little white hairs about. I think they confuse those who see them as much as they confuse me. Some tell me to pluck them out; I don't see why, they'll just grow back. Other people tell me to dye my hair. As much as I enjoyed being a red head, I want to see my hair change color on its own, and not be surprised when the white hairs begin to take over.

The white hairs, I must say, take me by surprise. There is something inevitable about them. How does one alter that biological change? Do I even want to?

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