Saturday, January 27, 2007

Items that change me

In the morning:
Put on then take off my glasses
Put on my contacts
Wash my face with facial soap to remove the oils
Put on moisturizer
Put on deodorant
Brush my teeth with toothbrush and tooth paste
Run my fingers through my hair occasionally use brush
Pick out an outfit (bra, shirt, shorts/skirt/pants, tights or socks)
Put on shoes
Put on my watch, earrings

Going to the gym:
Put on gym attire (sports bra, shorts, gym socks, old shirts)
Pull hair back in a half ponytail with a hair rubberband
Wear gym shoes

Taking a shower:
Remove clothes and put on robe and shower shoes
Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner
Use body wash to cleanse body and body puff
Shave legs and underarms with razor using shaving cream

Post shower:
Put lotion on body
Put de-frizz product in hair
Occasionally use hair dryer and hair iron
Redress with clean underwear

Going Out:
Put on going out attire
Wear heels (kitten heels but heels nonetheless)
Put on make up
Put on perfume

Bedtime routine:
Put on pajamas
Put on fuzzy socks
Remove contacts and place in container with solution and put on glasses
Wash face with facial soap
Put on acne medicine
Brush teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste

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